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1. What is www.zamlist.com? 

We are dedicated to helping you spend less and live more. We do this by offering amazing coupons, discounts and deals on the things that you buy.

We work with the top brands in Zambia (and internationally) to bring you coupons, discounts and deals on a range purchases such as:

So whether you are looking to save on a meal out or a new smart phones visit www.zamlist.com before you buy to find a great deal on your purchase. Simply search the website for your favourite stores or browse through our categories to find what you’re looking for.

We offer coupons as printable items and as discount codes that can be redeemed when you’re shopping online. So you can make savings online and in-store with www.zamlist.com.

2. How do I use www.zamlist.com?

You can find coupons, discounts and deals by searching for your favourite store or the category of product or service that you require. Simply select the store or category and get the relevant coupons, discounts and money saving deals.

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